Listen to Episode #11 w/ The Postelles, David Dondero

Radio Happy Hour packed into the basement of Le Poisson Rouge on a humid July afternoon to tape episode #11 “The Don, The Delicious, and the Doom” featuring The Postelles, David Dondero, and 2009 US Air Guitar Champion William Ocean. This episode also featured an appearance from John and Molly Knefel and some sweet, sweet cello from cellist Justin Kantor. In this episode Sam finds himself at an Italian restaurant called Meatballs Inc., owned by David Dondero, who brings in a celebrity chef, William Ocean, to save his failing business. But his former cook turns up dead in the kitchen, and David Dargahi of The Postelles is sleeping with old women, and Sam has a badger costume for some reason, but it’s all part of the mystery in “The Don, The Delicious, and the Doom.”

You can listen to the show here or you can get it when you subscribe to the Radio Happy Hour podcast on iTunes for free.

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