Ep.18 w/ Franz Nicolay and Arden Myrin

In episode #18 the Radio Happy Hour crew returns to Manhattan, Minnesota. Sam’s tending bar at The Ascot while Franz Nicolay does taxes for the town. Arden Myrin joins them for a drink before Michael Dukakis and Michele Bachmann wander into the Ascot and someone winds up dead. It’s the political thriller Clive Owen turned down, Episode #18 of Radio Happy Hour, “The Tax Murderer.”

Listen: Radio Happy Hour presents “The Tax Murderer”

You can listen to all the past episodes of Radio Happy Hour, featuring guests like Cursive, Jesse Eisenberg, Norah Jones, Michael Showalter, The Hold Steady, and more here or you can subscribe to the podcast for free at the iTunes Store.

About the Guests:
Franz Nicolay
Franz Nicolay was a member of Brooklyn rockers The Hold Steady and punk orchestra World/Inferno Friendship Society. He founded the new-music collective Anti-Social Music, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2010; and is co-leader of the Balkan-jazz quartet Guignol, whose Fight Dirty came out in 2009. Also in 2009, he released his solo debut Major General (Fistolo/Decor) and vinyl-only EP St. Sebastian of the Short Stage (Team Science); and in early 2010 the short-story collection Complicated Gardening Techniques (Julius Singer Press). He made Luck & Courage in Brooklyn in two weeks in spring 2010, with producer Jim Keller (Willie Nelson, Franz Ferdinand). After completing the new album, he spent the past summer as a touring member of agit-punk band Against Me!. You can pick up any of his albums on his bandcamp page.

Arden Myrin
From Myrin’s site:
My name is Arden Van Amringe Myrin. The Myrin’s are proud unemployed Viking Stock. I come from a long line of gentleman farmers and draft dodgers. I am from Little Compton, Rhode Island. It is has tiny gangs and men in pink pants. I live in Los Angeles now – I like the bougainvillea, but I hate the sun. And the sun hates me.

Sometimes I live in New York, which I like the most. I enjoy delis. I have night terrors and often fight with the ghost boat over my bed.

It is my arch nemesis, but I refuse to take it down. It’s not the boss of me. Peanut butter is. I act in movies and TV and stage, and I do improv at UCB in NY and IO West in LA. I also write.

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