Ep. 17 w/ Elizabeth & the Catapult, Dave Hill & Arthur Phillips

In Episode #17 of Radio Happy Hour Sam moves to Montana to ref the Montana Three Way, a three way professional wrestling bout between Rusty Trombone, The Shakespearean Punisher (Arthur Phillips) with his inept manager Dave Hill, and Osama bin Droppin’ Elbows. But when Osama’s manager, Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth & the Catapult, comes out to tell everyone that Osama is missing the crowd gets pissed and the mystery gets hot ‘n heavy. And by “crowd” I mean Steve, the one guy who comes to the Montana Three Way every year.

Listen: Radio Happy Hour presents “The Montana Three Way”

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About the Guests:
Elizabeth & the Catapult
Elizabeth & The Catapult is a Brooklyn-based pop/rock trio consisting of musicians Elizabeth Ziman, Dan Molad, and Pete Lalish. Formed in 2004, the band is best known for its 2009 album Taller Children, produced by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes) and released on Verve Forecast. They’ve also just release their second album The Other Side Of Zero.

Dave Hill
Who is Dave Hill? It’s a question I ask myself often, which is strange considering the kind of access I have. This much I can tell you though- I am the new Hollywood “It” girl, the next Leo, America’s fresh-faced boy next door, and your new best friend all rolled into one. I am a poet, a dancer, and- perhaps most of all- a thief. Soon I am to steal your heart.

Arthur Phillips
Arthur Phillips was born in Minneapolis and educated at Harvard. He has been a child actor, a jazz musician, a speechwriter, a dismally failed entrepreneur, and a five-time Jeopardy! champion.

His first novel, Prague, was named a New York Times Notable Book, and received The Los Angeles Times/Art Seidenbaum Award for best first novel. His second novel, The Egyptologist, was an international bestseller, and was on more than a dozen “Best of 2004” lists. Angelica, his third novel, made The Washington Post best fiction of 2007 and led that paper to call him “One of the best writers in America.” The Song Is You was a New York Times Notable Book, on the Post’s best of 2009 list, and inspired Kirkus to write, “Phillips still looks like the best American novelist to have emerged in the present decade.”

His fifth book, The Tragedy of Arthur, will be published April 19, 2011.

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