Ep. 16 w/ Abe Vigoda, Marcellus Hall, and Ted Alexandro

In episode #16 of Radio Happy Hour Juan from Abe Vigoda and Marcellus Hall join Sam’s Teenage Detectives as they are invited to billionaire comedian Ted Alexandro’s home to investigate a mysterious and bloody disappearance. Episode #16, “The House That Ted Built,” is brought to you by Love You Long Time Cigarettes, the cigarette for discriminating smokers.

Listen: “The House That Ted Built”

About the Guests:
Abe Vigoda:
Not to be confused with the actor of the same name, Los Angeles’ Abe Vigoda represent an exciting crop of young and arty punk bands emerging from local all-ages venue the Smell that also includes bands like Mika Miko, Silver Daggers, the Mae Shi, and No Age. The band — consisting of Juan Velazquez (who performs in the radioplay), Michael Vidal, David Reichardt, and Reggie Guerrero. The band’s most recent albums include Skeleton, Reviver EP, and Crush.
[mostly via AllMusic]

Marcellus Hall:
Marcellus Hall is an illustrator living in New York. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Time, as well in American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts annuals. His first cover for The New Yorker was published in 2005. In addition to illustrating books White Pigeons and 57 Octaves for Fifth Planet Press, Hall has self-published books of drawings and writings, including Hard Luck Stories and Legends of the Infinite City. Hall has also illustrated children’s books for Abrams Inc (Because I Am Your Daddy (2008) and Because You Are My Baby (2010) by Sherry North and City I Love (2009) by Lee Bennett Hopkins) and for Simon & Schuster (The Cow Loves Cookies (2010) by Karma Wilson).

As a musician Hall has made recordings with bands Railroad Jerk and White Hassle and has toured the United States, Europe, and Japan. Hall continues to make music under his own name. A solo album, The First Line, was recorded with accompanying musicians for Glacial Pace Recordings in 2010.

Ted Alexandro:
Time Out NY magazine named Ted Alexandro one of the top comedians working today. Time magazine featured Ted in the article “Comedy In The Age of Obama”. Ted has performed on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, The View and two half-hour specials on Comedy Central.

Ted has performed internationally on “The World Stands Up” in London, “The Big Night of Comedy Festival” in Amsterdam and three times at Montreal’s “Just for Laughs Comedy Festival”. He has also performed in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait and Hong Kong.

Town & Village had this to say: “Ted Alexandro is a gentleman comedian who appreciates the power of pauses and silence in comic performance. Our laughter comes from the contrast between his composed demeanor and the radical nature of his humor.”

Recently Ted has been touring with Louis CK as his opening act. Louis has called Ted “Probably my favorite comedian working today”.

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