Ep.15 w/ Suckers, Tim Kasher, Joe Mande and Arden Myrin

In episode #15 of Radio Happy Hour, “The Christmas Gayle,” Brain Aiken of Suckers, Tim Kasher, and comedians Joe Mande and Arden Myrin join the Radio Happy Hour crew as they mysteriously wind up at a holiday party of New York dentist. But it seems as though the person they’ve come with might be ghost.

Listen:“The Christmas Gayle”

About the Guests:
Tim Kasher:
Tim Kasher is the man. He just put out a solo album called The Game of Monogamy. He is also a writer and the man behind Cursive and The Good Life.

Suckers Seek a Wild and Imaginative Musical Landscape… The experimental side of indie pop has gotten a nice little creative boost lately, thanks, in part, to the artistic contributions of bands such as Baltimore’s Animal Collective and Portland’s Menomena. Tack another “Made in New York” outfit on this short list of artists challenging the sonic limits of modern day indie pop. Comprised of Quinn Walker, Austin Fisher, Brian Aiken, and mystery man Pan, Suckers offer indefinable and stunningly unpredictable fare that ranges anywhere on the sonic scope between sedate guitar songs and crunchy, erratic drones. Their newest album is Wild Smile.
[bio via Last.fm]

Joe Mande:
Joe Mande lives in New York City, where he performs comedy and eat mostly pizza. He’s been on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and VH1 Best Week Ever. He was Time Out New York’s “Best New Comedian” of 2009, and a couple years ago he was on Heeb Magazine’s list of 100 Jews to Watch, which is pretty much the second best list a Jew could ever hope to be on.

Arden Myrin:
From Arden’s website:
My name is Arden Van Amringe Myrin. The Myrin’s are proud unemployed Viking Stock. I come from a long line of gentleman farmers and draft dodgers. I am from Little Compton, Rhode Island. It is has tiny gangs and men in pink pants. I live in Los Angeles now – I like the bougainvillea, but I hate the sun. And the sun hates me.

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4 Responses to Ep.15 w/ Suckers, Tim Kasher, Joe Mande and Arden Myrin

  1. tim says:

    so awesome. long live Tim Kasher. thanks for posting.

  2. Dustin says:

    Thanks Tim. We’ll have more from this show up soon. Some MP3s, video, etc.

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